The new algorithm looks at more factors that put you in control of your own success. You'll receive a an event match email if you;  

  • Match the event requirements (date, location, service type etc) 

  • Are usually responsive to your event match emails (this means either quoting for or hiding the events recommended to you

  • Are responsive to messages from customers

  • Have a high positive review score 

For each new enquiry, up to 15 suppliers with the highest match rate will be notified by email.


This criteria means that you’re more in control of your match rate and how often you’ll receive matched event emails. 

Suppliers who have a fast response time, and who submit quotes for the events they’re notified for, will have a higher match rate. 

Being more active on the Feast It dashboard will also increase your match rate. This means, logging in frequently and quoting for open events. 

Your overall positive review score will now weigh in on your match rate. You can give your review score a boost by manually adding reviews from your external customers too. Learn how to add reviews here