You can view event enquiries from the Open events tab, which can be accessed via the left hand navigation menu in the dashboard.

If you know the type of events you want to quote for, use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down your search.

For events you want to come back to later, click Save from the right hand side of the event details, or within the event page. Saved events will appear in the Saved tab until you decide to “Unsave” it. 

You can also Hide events that you are not interested in or want to disregard. Hiding an event will remove it from view. Please note that once an event is hidden, you can’t view it again.

When you click on the Hide button, you’ll also be given the option to report this event. Here are some reasons why you should report an event:

  • Event is fake/looks like spam 

  • Event is missing some vital information

  • Something is not working/broken