As of Dec 1st 2020, your quotes will no longer show as Active and will be categorised into one of 4 states; 

  • Submitted - Quotes you have already sent to clients

  • Past - Quotes for past events 

  • Rejected - Quotes that were declined by the client 

  • Withdrawn - Quotes that you submitted then later withdrew 

This change was designed to give you more clarity and allow you to manage your quotes easier than ever. 

Visit the Managing you quotes FAQ for more info. 

Will I still get notified when a client is interested in my quote?

We will always tell you when a client sends you a message about your quote. Additionally, the My Quotes section includes information like whether a client has read your quotes, how many competing quotes they have received, the average quote price, or if they have declined your quote. All quotes still being considered by clients will appear in the Submitted tab.

Previously, we separated “Active” quotes if a client had messaged you. Now, you can follow up any quote with a message directly, you no longer need to wait for a client to start the conversation first. For more information on this feature click here.