Using filters on open events

Modified on Tue, 16 May 2023 at 10:21 PM

What events do I see in my dashboard and how can filters help me?

When you joined Togather, you gave us details about how far you’re willing to travel for events, what your minimum spend is and the kind of supplier you are.

Events on your dashboard are pre-filtered to match these criteria. We’ll be honest with you though; there are always improvements to be made to better capture information from our customers and match them with you. We’ve got this pretty much nailed on the food side of things, but whilst we learn more about our new supplier types, it’s probably worth experimenting with your filters. 

Why should I change my filters?

This comes down to the level of understanding that our customers have about what it is they're after. Someone looking for marquees may completely underestimate their budget, someone looking for flowers may have asked for one specific arrangement and completely forgotten about something else that you may be able to provide, or someone after street food might originally come to us for a certain cuisine and end up changing their mind simply because what you do is amazing, they just didn’t know about it.  

What are these filters and where can I change them?

When you log in to your Togather dashboard and click on the open requests, you’ll notice filters at the top (on mobile you’ll have to open the filter tab). These filters consist of Event Date, Location, Event Type, Budget and then further options specific to the kind of supplier you are e.g. cuisine, marquee type, photography style etc. By simply adding 10km to the distance you’re willing to travel or decreasing the budget filter by £100, this may open up a host of events you wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

Why changing them can lead to winning events
Typically, customers budgets are 
15% lower than they end up spending. Changing filters is the first step to finding more enquiries, once you’ve found some it’s all about what you say in the quote. 

We understand our platform doesn’t always provide the level of insight you might want but there are still ways to get the most out of it in these situations.

If you’re using a computer, you will see the filters within the Open Events section. If you’re on mobile, you will need to bring up the filters tab to reveal them. These filters include Date, Location, Event Type, Budget and Cuisine to help you sort and narrow down your open events views. 

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