We encourage customers to add notes to their requests to make sure you have all the information you need to give an accurate quote. Unfortunately, not all customers do this but you shouldn't let this stop you submitting a quote!

Why these are worth quoting on?

Firstly, they aren't as competitive. Requests with no notes are often ignored by suppliers and so competition tends to be a lot lower - use that to your advantage!

Secondly, just because a description is lacking, it doesn't mean this event isn't going to turn into a real booking. 

The customer is in need of suppliers and by submitting a quote you're giving yourself the opportunity to start a conversation. This is something all of our top suppliers do which you can read more about here.

How do I write my quote?

Use your minimum spend as your quote figure and explain in your message that you need some more information before you can give an accurate quote. To make this process super quick set up a quote template for this scenario. 

Alternatively, you can request more info about the event by contacting the Feast It team on contact@feast-it.com or 0203 905 7439