Don’t be put off by low budgets. On average, customers spend 15% more than they say they will and on some occasions, significantly more!

We curate our suppliers to create truly memorable events, and to attract high-quality customers, but as is human nature people are always looking for a good deal. This does sometimes lead to customers underestimating the cost of booking suppliers for events. 

We try our best to educate customers on the typical costs and we have some exciting product developments on the horizon focussing on budgets - including giving ranges rather than providing an exact number - but until they’re live, it’s helpful to understand that customers are often coming to us to understand what they should spend. 

What does this mean for me as a supplier?

  • Don’t be put off by a request if it comes in slightly under your minimum spend. In all likelihood, the final agreement will be something both you and the customer are happy with. 

  • It highlights the importance of educating customers to help them understand the road to curating their perfect event. The fact that customers end up booking demonstrates their willingness to be flexible on budget to get a quality supplier.