Your message to the client is your first opportunity to sell yourself to the customer and make sure you stand out from the competition. Here are our top three tips on how to write a great opening message:

Make it personal - include the customer’s name and open with a greeting specific to their event, e.g. “Congratulations on your engagement!”. You can have different versions e.g. wedding vs corporate event vs birthday set up as quote templates so you can make your message appear personalised in just a few seconds. 

Show some personality - Customers aren’t just interested in your service, they want to know you personally and that you will be a positive addition to their event. Show some personality in your message, tell them a little about yourself and why you’ll be the best fit for their event.

Stand out - If you do anything to go above and beyond, make sure to mention it! If you’re a caterer and you can think of some dishes that would perfectly complement their event, mention them! If you’re a videographer who has worked at their venue/similar venue before then make sure you drop that in. It can make all the difference! 

One last thing! Try to avoid mentioning prices of specific items, this may confuse your client as the figure in your message may not match the sum they see on their side (the client's sum includes a service fee). Including individual item prices may cause a delay in your quote reaching the customer.