You can use the filters in the Open Event section of your Dashboard to see the events that are relevant to you (e.g. the location or the cuisine type).

Click ‘View’ on an event to see the details of that event, including budget and number of heads. If you have decided to offer your services for a particular event, submit a quote. 

To submit your quote, click on the ‘Quote’ button on the event details page.

The quoting page includes a number of fields to fill out: 

  1. Price per head: The expected price per head of your quote. This should include the food as well as all the costs surrounding the event eg. VAT if applicable, travel, staff and other costs. An easy way of doing this is to work out the overall price for the event, and then divide by the number of heads. 

  2. Your message - Introduce yourself: This a great chance to sell yourself to the client and make a great first impression. This is where you can let them know what you can include for the price per head. It’s always good to mention any great clients or brands you’ve worked for. Please don't include any prices, contact details or links to a website/social media.

  3. Your message - Your menu: This is where you can add your proposed menu for the event. If your menu is the same as the menu displayed on your Feast It profile, you don't need to fill in this section.

  4. Note to Feast It: This is if you’d like us to know about any other options you could provide to the customer or anything else you might like to let us know about your quote. 

If the client is interested in your quote, you will be able to see it in the ‘Active quotes’ section of your Dashboard. This is where you can send a message the customer to confirm the booking. The booking is then confirmed when the client has made payment to Feast It. Once payment has been made, the event is confirmed and you will be able to see the event in ‘My bookings’. 

Can I submit more than one quote for an event?

You are only able to submit one quote for each event but you are able to edit an existing quote if a client makes any changes to their event, such as menu items, guest count, additions or special requests.