If you’re using a computer, you will see the filters within the Open Events section. If you’re on mobile, you will need to bring up the filters tab to reveal them. These filters include Date, Location, Event Type, Budget and Cuisine to help you sort and narrow down your open events views. 

The Open Events view is pre-set to the specifications that you sent into Feast It upon signing up. (Eg, if you serve pizza, you should only see events where that cuisine type has been requested). 

This filters can be edited so that you can search exactly the type of event you want to apply for. (For example, if your maximum distance is 100km but you’re willing to compromise on that over the winter months, you could increase the distance of events you’re looking for to 150km).

Remember, leaving a section blank will mean that no filters will be applied. (Eg, if you want to look at all types of events rather than weddings or private events, just leave the section blank).