Firstly, go to to log in to your account using your email address and password. This will take you to your Feast It dashboard.

Here's everything you can find and do in your dashboard;

  • Messages
    Head here to find all your previous messages to customers

  • Open events
    Where you can view all open events and put yourself forward by quoting for the events you want to do

  • My quotes
    Here you’ll see quotes organised into four categories;

  • Submitted - Quotes you have already sent to customers

  • Past - Quotes for past events 

  • Rejected - Quotes that were declined by the customer

  • Withdrawn - Quotes that you submitted then later withdrew

  • My bookings
    Here you'll find all your bookings organised into three categories; 

  • Upcoming

  • Past

  • Cancelled

  • Manage your account
    Here's where you can update information about your business, from editing your public profile to submitting your insurance certificates

  • Calendar
    Let us know when you're available to get prioritised for events

  • Quote templates
    Create standard templates for a range of quoting scenarios. Learn more about quote template, here 

  • Add Reviews
    Add reviews received from external events you've worked on. They'll show on your Feast It profile

  • Magazine
    Read Feast It blog articles and content

  • Help & resources
    This will take you to our supplier FAQs