Firstly, go to to log in to your Feast It account using your email and password. This will take you to your Feast It Dashboard.

On the dashboard, you will find six sections. 

  • Open events - Where you can view all open events and put yourself forward by quoting for the events you want to do! 

  • My open quotes - These are the quotes you've sent to the client, our sales team will be asking them to review them on your behalf.

  • My active quotes - Where you can the see quotes that customers have expressed an interest in your services at their event. Time for you to step up and get messaging them!

  • My bookings - Where you can see your confirmed events with Feast It. The client has paid a deposit or full amount and you're now both confirmed for the event. Book out your diary and get ready for the day! 

  • My messages - Your ongoing conversations with your clients - ask them for specific details to make the day a success.

  • Manage calendar - Let us know when you're available to get prioritised for events! 

Within the top tab you will also be able to find sections to: 

  • Add Reviews - where you can add reviews received from external Clients
  • View the Magazine - Read Feast It blog articles and content
  • Refer and Event - Where you can earn £50 for referring a Client to book with Feast It

Additional sections (found in the drop-down menu in the top right arrow): 

  • Shortcut to Calendar
  • Shortcut to Messages
  • View Profile 
  • Account Settings
  • Give Feedback 
  • Sign out