This updated cancellation policy covers bookings made after 10/06/20 only. The full version of our T&Cs can be found here.

We understand that sometimes event cancellations are inevitable. If you cancel your booking more than 48hrs in advance of your event, you're entitled to a refund, although your 2.5% service fee and 10% deposit are non-refundable. All money paid to Feast It is held securely in a separate account and is not released to the supplier until after your event so your refund will come directly from Feast It, saving you time and ensuring peace of mind. 

The amount you will be refunded depends on how far in advance you cancel your booking:

  • If you cancel more than 45 days in advance, 90% of the booking fee will be refunded

  • If you cancel 45 days or less in advance, 75% of the booking fee will be refunded

  • If you cancel 28 days or less in advance, 50% of the booking fee will be refunded

  • If you cancel 7 days or less in advance, 25% of the booking fee will be refunded

  • If you cancel 48 hours or less in advance, the booking is non-refundable

Our cancellation policy also covers cancellation due to COVID-19 for bookings made after 10/06/20. For bookings made before 10/06/20, please get in touch if you'd like a copy of our old T&Cs. 

How should I let you know about my cancellation?
Get in touch with our team and we’ll handle all of the logistics and organise your refund if you are entitled to one. Although we'll always inform your supplier of the cancellation, out of courtesy you may want to send them a message yourself to let them know directly. 

What happens if my supplier cancels?
The terms above cover customer cancellations only. In the rare event of a supplier cancellation, you are entitled to a full refund if you can't find a replacement supplier. If you opt for a Protect Plus upgrade for your booking, our team guarantees to find you a replacement supplier and we'll even cover the cost difference, if there is one, up to 10%. 

How long do refunds take?
We aim to process refunds within 7 working days of being notified.