Reviews highlight the quality of Feast It Partners give your profile a boost, greatly improving your chances of being booked. We encourage you to collect and submit reviews from your previous customers. 
We've built an online form to help you collect these and you can submit your reviews by going to your review collection portal.
Pro Tip: If you are a new Supplier we recommend you add at least 7 reviews to boost your profile.

Here's how to submit a review
Fill in the following fields:
  1. Customer Review
  2. Customer Name
  3. Customers email address
  4. Event Type
  5. Event Date 


Why do we ask for the Customers email address? We'll email your customer a copy of their review and ask them to verify it before we publish it. We'll only get in touch with them to verify their review and will never share their details with any third parties.
What if I can't remember what they said? Have a go at writing the review on their behalf, the customer will be contacted and given an opportunity to edit their review of your service. 
My review is pending verification - what does this mean? Your review has been sent to the customer and is waiting for them to verify it for authenticity - once reviewed the review will be published on your profile.