What’s the most effective way to quote? Well, we’re here to help you make the most of your endless booking opportunities. 
Most quotes are reviewed by the team before they are published to customers. However, if you are a Trusted Supplier, your quotes will be automatically published. This not only gives you more control but also gets quotes and bookings moving faster.
Here are our current top tips for making yourself stand out:

1. Use quote templates to quote quickly and often

Sometimes it does come down to a simple science. More quotes = more bookings. We find that our best suppliers are submitting on average 10 quotes per day using quote templates. 
Did you know a customer is twice as likely to make a booking if they receive your quote within the first 12 hours of submitting an enquiry? Having pre-made quote templates ready to go is the best way to get your quotes out fast! 
Once a customer has shown interest in your quote, it will become an 'active quote'. This means you are able to message each other on our platform’s messaging service. It is essential to respond to customer's messages promptly. This will build their trust in your responsiveness and reliability.
Tips for quoting quickly:
  • Make quote templates for each of your menu packages.  
  • Filter the dashboard to find the events best suited to you. 
  • Use the ‘Added (newest)’ filter to make sure you’re quoting on the newest events. 
  • Look out for any event notifications in your inbox to jump on them as soon as you can! 
2. How to get your quotes automatically published!
Considering how speed increases the chance of a booking, it is essential that you become a Trusted supplier. Suppliers that deliver quotes of a high quality and follow the below guidelines can become a Trusted supplier:

3. How to price your quote. 
What’s a quote without nailing the price? On the quote form, this is set out as a ‘price per head’ multiplied by the number of guests. Your price per head must include all charges, i.e. travel, staff, VAT (if applicable) and the food itself. 
Customer’s budgets are often their initial idea, so they can always do with some guidance. After all, you know a lot more about how much your service should cost than they do! 
If you describe exactly what your quote includes, then the customer may be more likely to go above their original budget.
4. Open with a friendly and passionate but concise couple of sentences about yourself.
One of the main reasons our customers want to book through us is because of how unique our suppliers are. Customers love to know more about how you started and why you are so passionate about your business. It is important to still keep this short and concise as customers don’t want to be reading long paragraphs of text. 
As your Feast It profile accompanies every quote you submit, this makes it even more important to make the contents of your quote personalised. We don’t want you to have to spend hours over every single quote but a short explanation of why you are perfect for their specific event goes a long way!

5. Be clear about what exactly your price includes. 
Spending on average upwards of £1,000 for what could be one of the most important events in a customer’s life is a big decision! That’s why you need to be as helpful and informative as possible when making a quote. When quoting be clear of exactly what your price includes.
  • Food - 1 main meal and 1 side per person
  • Photography/videography - 6 hours shoot, editing etc
Do note though that a quote can be the beginning of the conversation. You are always able to amend the final price in the messenger section before the customer completes the booking.

6. Make sure to stress how busy you are.
We always remind customers of how quickly dates can become unavailable in your calendar but it always sounds more effective coming from you! Don’t be afraid to let them know that you have limited availability and if they would like to secure you for their event, they need to decide sooner rather than later! 
Doing this will often mean that customers book you in a much shorter time frame than if you’re too relaxed in waiting for them to make a decision. This is especially important and effective in times of peak demand. For example:
"We are already almost fully booked for May 2021 with only a few dates remaining. If you are interested, please let us know to ensure we still have your date available."